Top 20 Adventure RPG Games of all time

In the early days of video gaming, even from before shooters, survival, and real-time strategy games, there was RPG. This computer-based evolutionary world of gaming that sprouted from tabletop RPGs as a replication proceeded to further the human experience within the digital sphere. Filled with standard elements like battles and adventures with wizards, dragons, orcs and other foul creatures are made to test the player's ability to maneuver themselves and their character in a complete world of story-driven fantasy.

There is a plethora of RPGs out there marked with its own story and style but the list we have here is the top 20 games that just dominate the genre. The games included have been deemed the "best" based on the game's quality in design, the level of immersion, storytelling, and character progression.

Lots of RPG games are being offered in stores. Whether it's free or with premium accounts. But to be honest RPG Games are the most enjoyable in terms of game mechanics, animation, stories, etc. And this RPG-genre games is divided into different classifications: FPS, TPS, might it be about guns, tanks, ships, planes, and many more So here, I will give the Top 5 Adventure RPG games of all time 

1. WOW (World of Warcraft)

Might it be not too familiar with those people who lived just before everything advanced. But this wondrous RPG Adventure game is very action-packed and a "must see and play" game. It boasts a very high reviews score all over the world as it is still being the most played game until this current year It provides different characters with different races with different weapons and skills to be used in the journey. Not to mention its creator is a famous company named as BLIZZARD. Rings a bell? Of course, this huge company created many top-selling and creative games like StarCraft Series, Overwatch, Diablo Series, and a mobile game called Hearthstone and many more 

2. Zelda

One of the "antique" games that is still alive in our hearts. With all of its remakes and reboots, and sequels/prequels, the adventure is still continuously flowing and our veins. It all revolves in a single main character named Zelda who is always at danger that her life is not the "not-so peaceful" one but worry not as Link will always save her an rpg adventure games that consists of whether hack and slash, or a real time battle, or a turn-based system. 

3. Final Fantasy (FF Series)

These astounding games that consist both of turn-based mechanics and real-time strategic battle will try your luck, skill, and alertness in everything. Might it be a bit disappointing since most of their games portrays their character to be dying at the ending of every stories. OOPS, spoiler alert. Yes, you heard it right. These games make you build your character up, raising their stats and making such good weapons just for them to be killed by those unbillable villains and anti-heroes. Once I have played two of their games and I felt empty when I finished it. Why? Because my characters died. Familiar of Final Fantasy Type-0? The 13 of them died because of a single god-like creature that teleports and infinitely being revived. Your super built equipment won't even scratch it and the most despairing moments of mine? They all died holding each other hands. While smiling. And that made me tear like a little girl. 

4. Prototype

Ever heard of something like a Main Character with monstrous abilities and powers? This is one of them. This is not recommended for those people who have sensitive ears in hearing curse words and stuffs. This has a seriously astonishing graphics that even the tiniest of blood is still seeable. There are two franchise of this game. One with an innocent person that has been experimented over and over until he became a monster. A person with shape-shifting abilities that can make his arms into weapons and has a superpower ability like gliding, running into high building, making people fly by just a single blow of punch. This is quite suiting when you feel angry. Pour all of that grudge into this game and long after you made a scene, some police-like agents will try to kill and subjugate you but you can still escape from them, even with those helicopters that locks on you. 

5. Minecraft 

A pixelated adventure open-world game. Sounds not promising right? Because of the word "pixelated" as we expect every rpg games to be having a good art, human-like characters and stunning gameplays. But this one still boasts of fame. Mysterious, as it is a very addicting games especially for those with child-like hearts and of course, children. All you need to do in this game is collect resources, build a shelter, mine ores, minerals and soils. Sounds simple, but unfortunately it isn't as there are hideous and dangerous lurking in the dark. Trying to kill you and poof, your game is over and lost everything you have made, unless you we're respawned near the place where you built your future.

6. Mass Effect 2

Being considered as the peak of the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect 2 simply features the best gameplay and best story line BioWare intended its players to sink their teeth into. Smoothing out a lot of the rough edges from the previous version and fine-tuning the combat elements thereby making the overall gameplay more robust.
However, the best aspect by far in the game was the introduction of the renegade interrupt system, where during dialogue sequences, players as Commander Shepard can take the "most direct action" Yes, that's punching something (human/alien) in the face.

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Taking place 200 years after the previous game. The game has the new player character designed to defeat Alduin the World-Eater dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. Throughout the course of the game, the player completes quests and establishes their character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors, allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time.
Skyrim was developed using the Creation Engine, and departing from the previous game's class selection, the dev team wanted a more unique and more diverse game world than the last.

8. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Similar to its predecessors, Dragon Age: Inquisition consists mostly of the elements found in a typical RPG; players controlling their customized character (Inquisitor) and the companions they meet (Inquisition) and follow on with their adventures.
Dragon Age: inquisition had received critical acclaim following its release, being praised for its story, soundtrack, superb detail, voice-acting, and the engaging combat

9. Dark Souls 3

From Software just hit it out of the ballpark in terms of the originality in their design of the entire Dark Souls Franchise. Having been dubbed as one of the most difficult games out there because it's so well made, Dark Souls 3 demands the player to be more responsive with faster action and reaction wherein simple button mashing will just have you ending up dead.
The game's beautiful and simultaneously hideous art just has that allure that players can't avoid. Paired with the game's faster and tighter controls, and the smooth animation, Dark Souls 3 is the most fun Dark Souls game to play.

10. Diablo 3: Reaper of souls

Fans waited 12 long years for the continuation of the Diablo franchise, but in 2012 the wait was over and definitely well worth it. Blizzard introduced in Diablo 3 the absolute best inventory and management system for the entire franchise, as well as greatly improving the multiplayer experience than ever before. However, what truly elevated Diablo 3 from the rest was the Reaper of Souls Expansion securing its signature classic design and gameplay. This RPG is what I personally stuck with since its release and purchasing the expansion pack when it went live. The players just can't get enough of Diablo 3's outstanding gameplay and feel, with its character's diverse skills and the loot...Oh, the loot! So many items to gear up your character that'll have you melting enemies in no time, this game has really delivered.

11. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Shadows of Amn is not only one of the greatest RPGs of all time, but also one of the densest and detailed. While the original Baldur's Gate provided an incredible expanse of territory to explore, the second delivery provided content and purpose. The scenarios remained huge, but there was a more defined direction, greater motivation and never showed a lack of personality. It is an example of how obsessive and triumphant a pair can be in the creation of a new world, going through key points such as the system of dialogues and the development of characters.

The central theme of the experience is a fascinating, captivating and despicable villain giving the story a good rhythm and keeping the tension high. It is one of those games that combines a colossal world with an equally deep gameplay, combining Dungeons & Dragons. Baldur's Gate II is a perfect example of such a complete experience in each of its fields that many others have tried to match without success.

12. The Witcher III 

Many RPGs have focused on telling the story of a unique character, an explorer, and their adventures, but few titles have done so with the mastery of The Witcher 3. Its excellence represents itself in the setting, extensive plagued scenario of sunsets adorned with tree tops.

The true strength of The Witcher III lies in its story line to have all these great places with NPCs that gives us memorable quests and help us feel that we are one of the most treasured creations of the scene. Warlock Geralt of Rivia will have to deal with elves who suffer from local racism and style missions that focus on moral issues without getting heavy or offering obvious solutions.

13. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The game that literally put The Elder Scrolls franchise on the map was Morrowind and it took the console audience like a storm. Morrowind laid the foundation for the current success of the Bethesda license. It was also the first BGS project in which the legendary Todd Howard served as project manager.

The island of Vvardenfell serves as stage for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Reaching out and realizing the magnitude of the island's size and the scope of the quest was a change in the rules of the game for every RPG fan. Such adventures in the world of gaming had already been done before, but Morrowind took all of this to a new level.

14. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 

This game is undoubtedly one of the best adventurous games that have ever been created, by the hand of Bio ware, it puts us in an era perhaps less known for the people who only know the films of Star Wars. The story takes us about 4,000 years before Darth Malik, the reigning lord of the Seth attacks the ship, Ender spire, to capture the Jedi Bastia Shan. The game itself is great in almost all aspects considering the time it went on sale, and has all the components that you can find in recent Bio ware games, such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, and for reasons of age you never played this game, do not hesitate because you're missing out on an epic history of characters and above all the lore of the game which is set within the expanded universe of Star Wars.

15. Diablo II 

To finish the list, stands as the most adventurous, complete and most worked titles of the last decades, Diablo II. Although not an MMO, Diablo II managed to retain attention of the players from start to the end. Despite the efforts of the producers to achieve a more realistic images in Diablo III, almost all RPG's are bland as compared to Diablo II, especially online. Its success is based on a good, coherent and interesting story, a perfect gameplay used Instead of a complicated tutorial. It offers an easy but entertaining mission and an aura of mystery that is always present in the game.

With 7 different characters, 4 different worlds and all sorts of weapons and spells the game immerses you in a holistic dimension of adventure.

16. The Secret of Mana

The Secret of Mana is a game that comes with a real-time battle system. We are sure that players will be truly amazed at its superb graphics, and awesome soundtrack. For a long time, the story of the game was very Japanese. This is what made it stand out from other games which came out twenty years ago. In this game, players will take note of Flame. Flame is a dragon who can fly above the ground in 3D form. The good news about this game is that it has never been forgotten about. It still excites RPG game players every time they play this enjoyable game.

17. Pillars of Eternity

Feel like an old school RPG game? Then Pillars of Eternity is sure to take you back to the old days. Pillars of Eternity is a game which exceeds expectations. In it players will find dungeons and dragons. Players have the opportunity to come up with their own feats, races, rules and perks. The setting is full of fantasies of all kinds. Pillars of Eternity is a retro-style RPG game that is sure to impress.

18. The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon is a game that is sure to keep players occupied for hours. Its story-line is tight, yet beautiful. Players are given the chance to completely change it into a battle full of power. There are also a wide range of items that can be used throughout the game to help players increase their stats. In fact, stardust is one of those amazing items that can be collected. Once the stardust has been collected, players will then have access to the Vanishing Stone. This will allow them to come face to face with Magician Faust who is the super-boss of the game. Each and every character in the game is a champion.

19. Lord of the Rings Online

Everyone knows The Lord of the Rings movies. But not everyone will realize they have been turned into an RPG game. This very cool RPG game will allow players to immerse themselves into the lore and lay of the land. This was created by a man named Tolkein. The Lord of the Rings Online is sure to give players goosebumps as they come across a ring-wraith. Players will also have the opportunity to look upon the well-known Gates of Argonath. This RPG game boasts a wide range of landscapes, scenes and story-lines that are sure to capture the players’ attention for hours. They are all very close to the story-lines of the books so players are sure to be happy about this.

20. Jade Empire

Jade Empire is an excellent RPG game. It is a very classic BioWare game. There is so much attention to detail, and boasts many mythical heroes and beasts. It is the heroes who save the land. The story-line of Jade Empire is crafted so well We can assure you that there is no other adventure game like it Jade Empire is sure to leave its players feeling very inspired.

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